Lighting Products

Jash offers wide range of lulminaries, switches and weather proof enclosures.

Indoor Fixtures
Outdoor Fixtures
Garden Lighting


  • Extensive range of luminaires for Street Lighting
  • Commercial (FTL, T-5 & CFL based) Lighting
  • Domestic Lighting
  • Industrial Lighting
  • Flood light (MH, Sodium & LED based) applications

Modular Switches

  • Isolated switching chamber – providing complete protection from sparks
  • Universal socket suitable IEC standards ensuring no more loose plugs
  • Heavy duty 5 step fan regulator ensuring no burn outs
  • 25 amp socket and switch for A/C applications
  • Wide range of accessories for hospitality sector
  • Front plates with night time locator strip
  • Compatible to market boxes
  • Silver contacts for high conductivity & long life
  • Hum-free fan regulator
  • 25A switch socket for air conditioner & geyser

Weatherproof Enclosures

The Combi range offers the widest choice of enclosures for all installation requirements with weatherproof installations up to IP55.

  • Residential outdoor bell push, kitchen, bathroom and swimming pools
  • Automobiles Industries, Ship yards, Construction sites etc.
  • Indoor food environment like dairies & processing units etc.
  • Power supply utilities, Garden applications on poles for power distribution
  • Chemical plants, Laboratories and many more
  • Available in IP40 and IP55 versions from 1M to 12M

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